Doctoral Programme on Marine Ecosystem Health and Conservation
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Ann Vanreusel

Personal details

Title:Prof. Dr.
Institute:Ghent University
Phone:+32-(0)9-264 85 21
Website:Click here

Summary of CV:

The Marine Biology Research group has a strong tradition and therefore extensive expertise in structural and functional biodiversity research in the benthos. Ann Vanreusel, since 2000 part of the academic staff (professor), has focused her research on the ecology of extreme marine environments including the deep sea, polar regions and mangroves. She is at the moment supervisor of 11 PhD students at the UGent. She has numerous publications (± 100) in the field of marine ecology. Most of the deep-sea research performed by the promoter is embedded in international projects and networks such as the EU integrated projects. She also has a strong engagement in capacity building in developing countries, mainly with Kenya and Vietnam. She teaches in addition to the EMBC course, also in the ICP on Nematology and is the UGent promoter for the interuniversity master course Oceans and lakes.

Experience Higher education:

Ann Vanreusel is responsible for several master courses in the faculty of science mainly in the Master programs Biology, EMBC, Nematology and Marine and Lacustrine Science and Management. She mainly teaches biostatistics, marine ecology and nematode ecology. 


  • Vanreusel, A; De Groote, A; Gollner, S; Bright, M. 2010. Ecology and Biogeography of Free-Living Nematodes Associated with Chemosynthetic Environments in the Deep Sea: A Review. PLOS ONE 5 (8),
  • Vanreusel A , Andersen AC , Boetius A, Connelly D , Cunha MR, Decker C, Hilario A, Kormas KA, Maignien L , Olu K, Pachiadaki M, Ritt B , Rodrigues C, Sarrazin J, Van Gaever S, Vanneste H (2009) Biodiversity of Cold Seep Ecosystems Along the European Margins. Oceanography 22: 110-127
  • Vanreusel, A; Fonseca, G; Danovaro, R; da Silva, MC; Esteves, AM; Ferrero, T; Gad, G; Galtsova, V; Gambi, C; Genevois, VD; Ingels, J; Ingole, B; Lampadariou, N; Merckx, B; Miljutin, D; Miljutina, M; Muthumbi, A; Netto, S; Portnova, D; Radziejewska, T; Raes, M; Tchesunov, A; Vanaverbeke, J; Van Gaever, S; Venekey, V; Bezerra, TN; Flint, H; Copley, J; Pape, E; Zeppilli, D; Martinez, PA; Galeron, J. 2010. The contribution of deep-sea macrohabitat heterogeneity to global nematode diversity. Marine Ecology 31 (1):6-20
  • Raes, M; Rose, A; Vanreusel, A. 2010. Response of nematode communities after large-scale ice-shelf collapse events in the Antarctic Larsen area. Global Change Biology 16 (5):1618-1631
  • Munga Nzaka C., M O Said, D O Obura, A. Vanreusel and F Dahdouh-Guebas (2010) Resource users perceptions on Continued existence of the mombasa marine park and reserve, Kenya. Western Indian Ocean. J. Mar. Sci

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