Doctoral Programme on Marine Ecosystem Health and Conservation
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Jean-Marc Guarini

Personal details

Title:Prof. Dr.
Institute:Université Paris Marie Curie

Summary of CV:

My field of research concerns the design and development of modelling techniques to simulate the dynamics of ecological systems. I study complexe systems described by a large number of variables and governed by processes that are strongly non-linear. My work includes also the characterization of the mathematical properties of these dynamic models as analogues for the dynamic properties of the systems I study. After having formulated and validated the first dynamic model that simulates specifically the dynamics of microphytobenthos, I focuss now on designing unified population dynamic model for marine community. I apply these approaches to the quantification of the dynamic of inter-connected marine metacommunities. This thematic is important in order to understand and preserve marine biodiversity.

Experience Higher education:

I’m involved in higher education since I got a position of Professor in marine ecology and biological oceanography at the University Pierre et Marie Curie. I teach fundammentals in ecology and modelling, and applications to the conservation of the marine biodiversity. I’m involved in the organizing structure of the Master of biological oceanography at UPMC, called “Oceanography and Marine Environment”, which is a graduate program continously developed for 60 years. This graduate program has generated many international collaborations since its beginning, and two european Master’s program were associated, the Erasmus Program “modelling of Marine Systems” led by the University of Liège (Belgique) and the Erasmus-Mundus Program “European Marine Biodiversity and Conservation” led by Ghent University. In addition, to extend the Erasmus-Mundus MSc program, a new Erasmus-Mundus doctoral program was built (MARine Ecosystem health and conServation).


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  • J.-M. Guarini, N. Sari, C. Moritz. 2008. Modelling the dynamics of the microalgal biomass in semi-enclosed shallow-water ecosystems. Ecological Modelling, 211 (3):267-278.
  • C. Moritz, N. Loeuille, J.-M. Guarini, K. Guizien. Quantifying the dynamics of marine invertebrate metacommunities: what processes maintain high diversity with low biomass in the Mediterranean Sea? Ecological Modelling. 220(21): 3021-3032
  • J.-M. Guarini, L. Chauvaud, J.E. Cloern, J. Clavier, J. Coston-Guarini, Y. Patry. 2011. Seasonal variations in ectotherm growth rates: quantifying growth as an intermittent non steady state compensatory process. J. Sea Res. doi:10.1016/j.seares.2011.02.001
  • P. Vandromme, L. Stemmann, L. Berline, S. Gasparini, L. Mousseau, F. Prejger, O. Passafiume, J.-M. Guarini, and G. Gorsky. 2011. Inter-annual fluctuations of zooplankton communities in the Bay of Villefranche-sur-mer from 1995 to 2005 (Northern Ligurian Sea, France). Biogeosciences, 8(11), 1–33. doi: 10.5194/bg-8-3143-2011.

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