Doctoral Programme on Marine Ecosystem Health and Conservation
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Laure Mousseau

Personal details

Institute:Université Paris Marie Curie
Phone:33 4 93 76 38 62

Summary of CV:

My field of research is to develop integrated approaches of physiological responses of organisms in the Mediterranean Sea and polar ecosystems. In this areas, the climate induced several effects on phytoplanktonic and zooplanctonic communities in the last decade. I’m studying the functional response (energy metabolism) of the changes in species composition and analyze the relationships between distribution, physiological plasticity and adaptative capacity of phytoplanktonic populations to global changes.

Experience Higher education:

As an assistant professor at Université Pierre et Marie Curie, I'm involved in the undergraduate and graduate teaching units of the Environment and Oceanography formation.
1990 – 1999 – Assistant Professor at Laval University (Quebec, Canada)
2000 - Assistant Professor in Oceanography since 2005.


  • Mousseau L, Lefevre D, Narcy F, Nival P, and Andersen V (2009) A one-month study of the zooplankton community at a fixed station in the Ligurian Sea: the potential impact of the species composition on the mineralization of organic matter. Biogeosciences Discuss. 6(1) : 995-1019
  • Labat J-P, Gasparini,S, Mousseau L, Prieur L, Boutoute M, Mayzaud P (2009) Mesoscale distribution of zooplankton biomass in the northeast Atlantic Ocean determined with an Optical Plankton Counter: Relationships with environmental structures. Deep-Sea Res. I 56(10) : 1742-1756
  • Bourguet N, Ghiglione J-F, Pujo-Pay M, Mevel G, Momzikoff A, Mousseau L, Guigue C, Fuda J-L, Garcia N, Raimbault P, Pete R, Oriol L, Lefèvre D and Goutx M (2009) Lipid biomarkers and bacterial lipase activities as indicators of organic matter and bacterial dynamics in contrasted trophic regime at the Dyfamed site, NW Mediterranean. Deep-Sea Res. II 56(18) : 1454-1469
  • Raybaud V, Nival P, Mousseau L, Gubanova A, Altukhov D, Khvorov S, Ibañez F and Andersen V (2008) Short term changes in zooplankton community during the summer-autumn transition in the open NW

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