Doctoral Programme on Marine Ecosystem Health and Conservation
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Eric Thiebaut

Personal details

Institute:Université Paris Marie Curie
Phone:+33 2 98 29 25 31

Summary of CV:

  • Eric works at the Station Biologique in Roscoff. He studies processes involved in larval dispersal of marine invertebrates and the consequences of dispersal on population dynamics (persistence of isolated populations, the ability of marine species to recolonize sites following disturbances or to respond to global change)
  • Biophysical modelling
  • Responses of coastal benthic communities to natural and anthropogenic disturbances

Experience Higher education:

  • 2006 – present: Assistant Professor, University Pierre & Marie Curie, UMR 7144 (CNRS, UPMC), Station Biologique de Roscoff.
  • 2003 – 2006: Assistant Professor, University Pierre & Marie Curie, UMR 5178 (MNHN, CNRS, UPMC), Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris
  • 1995 – 2002: Assistant Professor, University Pierre & Marie Curie, UMR 7093 (CNRS, UPMC), Paris

Participation in Projects:

2010-2013, Our shared sea: mechanisms of ecosystem change in the western Channel, Marinexus, Partner,
2004-2009, Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem functioning, MARBEF, Partner, 


  • Cugier P., Struski C., Blanchard M., Mazurié J., Pouvreau S., Olivier F., Trigui J., Thiébaut E. (in press) Assessing the role of benthic filter-feeders on phytoplanktonic production in a shellfish farming site: Mont Saint Michel Bay, France. J. Mar. Syst.
  • Ayata S.D., Ellien C., Dumas F., Dubois S., Thiébaut E. (2009) Modelling larval dispersal and settlement of the reef-building polychaete Sabellaria alveolata: role of hydroclimatic processes on the sustainability of biogenic reefs. Cont Shelf Res., 29, 1605-1623.
  • Jolly M.T., Guyard P., Ellien C., Gentil F., Viard F., Thiébaut E., Jollivet D. (2009) Population genetics and hydrodynamic modeling of larval dispersal dissociate contemporary patterns of connectivity from historical expansion into European shelf seas in the polychaete Pectinaria koreni (Malmgren). Limnol. Oceanogr., 54, 2089-2106.
  • Matabos, M., Thiébaut, E., Le Guen, D., Sadosky, F., Jollivet, D., Bonhomme, F. (2008). Geographic clines and isolation-by-distance patterns detected along the East Pacific Rise in the vetigastropod Lepetodrilus elevatus reflects species crypticism. Mar. Biol., 153, 545-563.
  • Matabos M., Le Bris N., Pendlebury S., Thiébaut E. (2008). Role of physico-chemical environment on gastropods assemblage at hydrothermal vents on the East Pacific Rise (13°N/EPR). J. Mar. Biol. Ass. U.K., 88, 995-1008.
  • Dubois, S., Comtet, T., Retière, C., Thiébaut, E. (2007). Distribution and retention of Sabellaria alveolata larvae (Polychaeta : Sabellariidae) in the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, France. Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser., 346, 243-254.
  • Faure B., Chevaldonné P., Pradillon F., Thiébaut E., Jollivet D. (2007). Spatial and temporal dynamics of reproduction and settlement in the Pompeii worm Alvinella pompejana (Polychaeta, Alvinellidae). Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser., 348, 197-211.
  • Jolly M.T., Viard F., Gentil F., Thiébaut E., Jollivet D. (2006). Comparative phylogeography of coastal polychaete tubeworms in the North East Atlantic: Pectinaria koreni (Malmgren) and Owenia fusiformis (Delle Chiaje). Mol. Ecol., 15, 1841-1855.

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