Doctoral Programme on Marine Ecosystem Health and Conservation
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Marco Abbiati

Personal details

Institute:University of Bologna
Phone:+39 0544 937311
Nationality:+39 0544 937411

Summary of CV:

Marco ABBIATI (1958), full professor at the University of Bologna (Italy) is a specialist in coastal ecology. Since 2008 he has organized and is leading the 2 years Master degree (Laurea Magistrale) in Marine Biology at the University of Bologna. Is a member of the steering committee of the PhD in Environmental Sciences: conservation and management of natural resources. He is the supervisor/co-supervisor of 3 ongoing Ph.Ds (9 defended in the last 5 years). In total he has 110 refereed publications in ecology and population genetics of benthic invertebrates, conservation and management of marine biodiversity, monitoring and protection of transitional habitats. He has been involved in many (inter)national research programs (DELOS, EUMAR, MarBEF, ENCORA, TWReferenceNet, EcoGovernance, MedREd ...).

Experience Higher education:

He has been working in higher education since 1991. From 1991 to 1998 at the University of Pisa , from 1998 at the University of Bologna. He is teaching basic advanced courses in Marine Ecology; Threats and Conservation of Marine Habitats; Applied Ecology; Ecological Methods for EIA; Coastal Management; field courses in the Bachelor/Master degrees in Biology, Marine Biology and Environmental Sciences. In 2000-2003 – he has been the Director of the Post-graduate Master Course in Integrated Management of the Coastal Zone. He has been invited to teach teh course Sustainable Development and Environmental Integration in an European Perspective at the CEI International Summer School of Cervia - Beyond The Enlargement. The Wider Europe and the New Neighborhood. He also contributed to the WiCoP- Europe/International UNESCO Seminar of the UNESCO/UNITWIN Network on “Wise Coastal Practices on Sustainable Human Development”.

Participation in Projects:

  • DELOS: Environmental Design of Low Crested Coastal Defence Structures EU 5th FP EVK3-CT-2000-00041
  • EUMAR: European Marine Genetic Biodiversity EU 5th FP EVK3-CT-2001-00048
  • TWREFERENCENET: Management and sustainable development of protected transitional waters – INTEREG IIIB CADSES 3B073
  • Artificial Marine Structures (AMS) Multifunctional Tool for Research and Environmental Management in the Mediterranean and Red Sea, Italian Ministry of Environment – Italian Israeli cooperation -

  • ECO-GOVERNANCE: Ecological Foundations for the Governance of the Adriatic Coastal Space: Ecology, Monitoring and Management of Transitional Aquatic Ecosystems, Adriatic New Neighbourhood Programme INTERREG/CARDS-PHARE IIA


  • Basset A, Sabetta L, Fonnesu A, Mouillot D, Do Chi T, Viaroli P, Giordani G, Reizopoulou S, Abbiati M, Carrada GC, 2006. Typology in Mediterranean transitional waters: new challenges and perspectives. Aquatic Conservation of Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems, 16: 441-455.
  • Costantini F., Fauvelot C, Abbiati M, 2007. Fine-scale genetic structuring in Corallium rubrum (L): evidences of inbreeding and limited effective larval dispersal. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 340: 109-119
  • Costantini F., Fauvelot C, Abbiati M, 2007. Genetic structuring of the temperate gorgonian coral (Corallium rubrum) across the western Mediterranean Sea revealed by microsatellites and nuclear sequences Molecular Ecology, 16: 5168-5182
  • Ponti M, Pinna M, Basset A, Moncheva S, Trayanova A, Georgescu LP, Beqiraj S, Orfanidis S, Abbiati M, 2008. Quality assessment of Mediterranean and Black Sea transitional waters: comparing responses of benthic biotic indices Aquatic Conservation-Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems, 18: S62-S75
  • Virgilio M, Fauvelot C, Costantini F, Abbiati M, Backeljau T, 2009. Phylogeography of the common ragworm Hediste diversicolor (Polychaeta: Nereididae) reveals cryptic diversity and multiple colonization events across its distribution. Molecular Ecology 18: 1980-1994

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