Doctoral Programme on Marine Ecosystem Health and Conservation
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Murray T. Brown

Personal details

Institute:University of Plymouth
Phone:+ 44 (0)1752 584614

Summary of CV:

Dr Brown is Reader in Marine Biology. His main research activities focus on the responses of marine algae and seagrass to environmental stressors and the mechanisms by which resistance/tolerance to these stressors develop. Publications amount to more than 80 research papers and reports and he has presented his work at numerous national and international conferences. He is Associate Editor of the Journal of Applied Phycology. To date, 26 research students have successfully completed their programmes under his supervision and he is currently supervising 6 PhD students. He is Postgraduate Research Co-ordinator for his school, with responsibility for monitoring the progress of MPhil/PhD students in the Marine Sciences. Contributions to teaching (algal biology, aquaculture), are at under-graduate and post-graduate levels.

Experience Higher education:

Dr Brown has worked in higher education since 1984, firstly at the University Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand before moving to the University of Plymouth in 1994. He has been Reader in Marine Biology since 2006 and was Visiting Professor at the Marine Biology Insitute, Shantou University, China from 2003 until 2008.

Participation in Projects:

Dr Brown has developed a strong international network of colleagues with whom he has ongoing collaborative research. Currently, he is participating with colleagues in Korea (Incheon University; environmental toxicology and biofuel production), China (Nanjing University; ecotoxicology), Greece (Fisheries Research Institute; seagrass eco-physiology), Portugal (University of the Algarve; seagrass ecophysiology); France (Roscoff Marine Laboraotry; functional genomics of ecocarpoids); Poland (Centre for Ecological Research; metal-complexing thiol peptide production in algae). Funding to support these collaborations has come from national governmental and EU (INTERREG, Marie Curie) research programmes.


  • Turner A, Pollock H, Brown MT (2009) Accumulation of Cu and Zn from antifouling paint particles by the marine macroalga Ulva lactuca. Environmental Pollution 157, 2314-2319
  • Pawlik-Skowronska B, Pirszel J, Brown MT (2007) Concentrations of phytochelatins and glutathione found in natural assemblages of seaweeds depend on species and metal concentrations of the habitat. Aquatic Toxicology 83, 190-99
  • Han YS, Brown MT, Park GS, Han T (2007) Evaluating aquatic toxicity by visual inspection of thallus color in the green macroalga Ulva: testing a novel bioassay. Environmental Science and Technology 41, 3667-71
  • Devilla RA, Brown MT, Donkin M, Tarran GA, Aiken J, Readman JW (2005) Impact of antifouling booster biocides on single microalgal species and on a natural marine phytoplankton community. Marine Ecology Progress Series 286, 1-12
  • Nielson H, Brown MT, Brownlee C (2003) Cellular responses of developing Fucus serratus embryos exposed to elevated concentrations of Cu2+. Plant Cell and Environment 26, 1737-1747

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