Doctoral Programme on Marine Ecosystem Health and Conservation
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Maciej Wolowicz

Personal details

Title:Prof. Dr.
Institute:University of Gdansk
Phone:+48 58 5235868

Summary of CV:

Professor at Gdansk University (Poland), since 2003 head of Department of Marine Ecosystems Functioning.
Main scientific interests:- structure of benthic populations, -ecophysiology of molluscs (growth rate, condition, reproduction, filtration, respiration, biochemical composition), -adaptive mechanisms of benthic populations from different geographical regions (sensitivity to stress e.g. salinity, temperature, trace metals), -anthropogenic effect on population genetic, -functioning of estuarine and coastal ecosystems.
Scientific activity (in numbers): 3 books, handbooks, 79 original papers, 70 conference presentations, 24 reviews (PhD and habilitation theses), 56 editorial reviews and grants reviews, 16 reports, expertises,
Research activity; 9 international grants, 10 national grants, 29 grants for international co operation
19 (<1 month) international fellowships, trainings, visits; France, the Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand, Russia.
Participation in 7 international EC research projects.

Experience Higher education:

Teaching MSc; marine ecology and ecosystem functioning, marine resources, aquaculture.
Tutor of 65 MSc, promoter of 12 Ph.D.
Coordinator of student exchange programme in the frame of EU programmes Leonardo and Socrates/Erasmus with Universite de la Mediterranee, Marseille and University de La Rochelle, France (exchange of 14 students with French universities since 2000).
Tutor of 6-month training visits of two students from Universite de la Mediterranee, Marseille at IO UG .
Tutor of 6-month training visit DESS (Diplome d`Etudes Superieures Specialise) of a student from Universite de Nice, France.
Tutor of 6-month training visits of two students from Universite de la Mediterranee, Marseille at IO UG.

Participation in Projects:

EC programmes:
  • Cooperation in Science and Technology with Central and Eastern European Countries 1993,
  • “Implementation of large-scale long-term MARine BIOdiversity research in Europe“ (BIOMARE), 5 FP UE, 2000-2003,
  • The impact of BIOdiversity changes in COastal Marine Benthic Ecosystems. (BIOCOMBE), 5FP, 2002-2006,..
  • Center of Excellence “Baltic Developement, Education and Research” (BALTDER), 5FP,
  • „Ecophysiological performance and genetic constitution of the dominant bivalve species from the sub-Arctic region (Icelandic coastal waters)” 5FP UE, Human Potential, 2004
  • “MARine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning” (MarBEF), 6 FP UE, 2006-2009, Food-Frenz, New Zealand Food & Beverage Taskforce and EU 6FP (European Technology Platform on Food for Life), 2007-2008
  • Organization of summer schools (www. ocean.univ.gda/
  • At the frame of Center of Excellence 5 PR UE BALTDER, (2003-2005) 3-years cycle of international summer school, with participation of external professors, were organized for 16-20 PhD and graduated students from European countries. on;
  • „Primary production on intertidal mudflats:structure and functioning, coupling between physical and biological processes” (invited prof. G. Blanchard from University of La Rochelle (2003),
  • “Ecophysiology of tidal estuarine systems” (invited prof. H. Hummel, NIOO Yerseke, the Netherlands (2004),
  • „Marine biology of trace metals” (invited prof. P.Rainbow, Natural History Museum, London and dr S.Luoma from US Geological Survey, San Francisco (2005),
  • In cooperation with UNESCO, BALTDER and UG one summer school was organized;
  • „Adaptive strategies and biodiversity among intertidal and coastal marine ecosystems„ (invited prof. H.Hummel and dr V. Escravage z NIOO Yerseke, The Netherlands (2004)
  • At the frame of Network of Excellence on “Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning” (MarBEF), 6FP EU (2006-2009), four international summer schools on Marine Biology were organized for 16-20 PhD and graduated students from European countries;
  • “Crustaceans as Trace Metal Biomonitors” (invited prof. P. Rainbow, Natural History Museum, London (2005)
  • “Biodiversity and adaptive strategies of marine organisms in European coastal systems” 10-18 July 2006,
  • “Physiological and genetic diversity of marine organisms in European coastal systems” 8-16 July 2007
  • “Physiological and genetic diversity of marine organisms in European coastal systems.” 6-14 July 2008
  • lectures during foreign summer courses
  • Summer School “Diversity of coastal habitats”, AWI, Sylt-Helgoland, Germany, 2006,
  • MarBEF Summer School “Diversity and Functioning of Coastal Habitats” AWI-GKSS (Germany)-ULR (France), Sylt, 2007


  • Wolowicz M., Soko³owski A. Abdullah Salem Bawazir, Lasota R., 2006. Effect of eutrophication on the distribution and ecophysiology of the mussel Mytilus trossulus (Bivalvia) in southern Baltic Sea (the Gulf of Gdañsk). Limnology and Oceanography 51 (2), 580-590,
  • Smolarz K., Renault T., Wolowicz M., 2006. Ultrastructural study of neoplastic cells in Macoma balthica (Bivalvia), from the Gulf of Gdañsk (Poland). J. Invert. Pathol., 92, 79-84,
  • Jansen J.M., Pronker A., Kube S., Soko³owski A., Carlos Sola J., Marquiegui M.A., Schiedek D., Bonga S.W., Wolowicz M., Hummel H. 2007. Geographic and seasonal patterns and limits in the adaptive response to temperature of European bivalve populations. Oecologia 154, 23-34,
  • Sokolowski A., Pawlikowski K., Wolowicz M., Garcia-Meunier P., Namieœnik J. 2008. Shell deformations in the Baltic clam Macoma balthica from southern Baltic Sea (the Gulf of Gdañsk). Hypotheses on environmental effects. Ambio, 37, No 2, 93-100,
  • Tarnowska K., Wolowicz M., Chenuil A., Féral J. P., 2009. Comparative studies on morphometry and physiology of European populations of lagoon specialist Cerastoderma glaucum (Bivalvia). Oceanologia, 51 (3), 437-458

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