Doctoral Programme on Marine Ecosystem Health and Conservation
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Darius Daunys

Personal details

Institute:Klaipeda University
Phone:+370 46 398874

Summary of CV:

Darius DAUNYS (1973), scientist at Coastal Research and Planning Institute, Klaipeda University (Lithuania), specializes in benthic habitat ecology. He is a member of the Doctorate School in Ecology and Environmental Sciences. Since 1995s he participated in research cruises, conducted SCUBA diving and underwater video research expeditions in the Baltic Sea, Black Sea, White Sea and Svalbard. He published over 25 peer-reviewed research papers in journals and books.

Experience Higher education:

D. Daunys works at Klaipeda University since 1998 both giving lectures and supervising BSs and MSc students (Department of Ecology and Department of Statistics) and conducting research in the framework of national and international projects (Coastal Research and Planning Institute).

Participation in Projects:

Ongoing projects: EU BONUS program project PREHAB (Spatial prediction of benthic habitats in the Baltic Sea: incorporating anthropogenic pressures and economic evaluation). Coordinator of the project “A system for the sustainable management of Lithuanian marine resources using novel surveillance, modeling tools and an ecosystem approach” funded by Norwegian Financial Mechanism, workpackage coordinator in the MOPODECO project (MOdelling of the POtential coverage of habitat-forming species and DEvelopment of tools to evaluate the COnservation status of the marine Annex I habitats) funded by Nordic Council of Ministers and sub-contracted in the EU SeaMap project. Recently completed projects (2005-2009): LIFE Nature “Marine protected areas in the eastern Baltic Sea”, ALARM (Assessing Large-scale environmental Risks with tested Methods), ELME (European Lifestyles and Marine Ecosystems).

Lecturer at international Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Programme "Marine Biodiversity and Conservation" (2009).


  • Bučas, M., Daunys, D., Olenin, S., 2009. Recent distribution and stock assessment of the red alga Furcellaria lumbricalis on an exposed Baltic Sea coast: combined use of field survey and modelling methods. Oceanologia 51(3): 1-19.
  • Zaiko A., Olenin S., Daunys D., Nalepa T. (2007). Vulnerability of benthic habitats to the aquatic invasive species. Biological invasions, 9: 703–714.
  • Olenin S, Minchin D, Daunys D (2007). Assessment of biopollution in aquatic ecosystems. Marine pollution bulletin, 55 (7-9), 2007, 379-394.
  • Zettler M.-L., Daunys D. (2007). Long-term macrozoobenthos changes in a shallow boreal lagoon: Comparison of a recent biodiversity inventory with historical data. Limnologica 37: 170–185.
  • Daunys D., Zemlys P., Olenin S., Zaiko A., Ferrarin C. 2006. Impact of the zebra mussel Dreissena polymorpha invasion on the budget of suspended material in a shallow lagoon ecosystem. Helgoland Marine Research, 60 (2): 113-120.

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