Doctoral Programme on Marine Ecosystem Health and Conservation
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Sabine J Cochrane

Personal details

Phone:+47 77 75 03 27 (

Summary of CV:

  • 2000 PhD: University of St. Andrews, Scotland. Taxonomy and systematics selected marine soft-bottom fan-worms.
  • 1989 BSC: University of St. Andrews, Scotland. Animal biology and marine ecology
Current employment
  • 1992-present (since 1997) Coordinator: Biodiversity, Akvaplan-niva, Polar Environmental Centre, Tromsø, Norway
  • 1989-1992 Scottish Environmental Services Ltd, Oban
Specialist competence on sea floor biodiversity and community structure, and works extensively with benthos in an ecosystem perspective. 20 year background combining biodiversity research and environmental consultancy. Develops and leads applied research programmes on current issues in arctic marine biology, ecosystem understanding and environmental risk assessments (funding: petroleum industry, national governance). Author/co-author of 15 scientific and approx. 90 consultant reports.

Experience Higher education:

  • Examiner for AB202 course in Arctic Marine Biology, University Centre Svalbard (UNIS). Jan 2010
  • Examiner for AB321 course in Arctic Benthic Biodiversity, University Centre Svalbard (UNIS). Sept 2009
  • Examiner for Nina Mari Bergås, master’s thesis, Norwegian College of Fisheries Sciences. “Sources of variation in macrobenthic biodiversity and the implications for monitoring programmes in the Barents Sea”. Sept 2009.
  • Second opponent for Karen Webb doctoral defence, University of Oslo. “Ecology and Geology of pock-marks”. June 2009.
  • Co-translater (with Fredrik Pleijel) of Moen & Svensen (2004) “Dyreliv i Havet” to the “Marine Fish and Invertebrates of Northern Europe. Input to Gulliksen & Svensen (2004) Svalbard – Life in Polar Oceans. Both used as curricular material for Arctic biology courses.
  • External examiner for 3 Cand. Scient. theses and examinations: - Norges Teknisk Naturvitenskapelig Universitet, Trondheim, 2001 and 2002; University of Tromsø 2002.
  • -
  • Lecturer and course leader for University Courses on Svalbard (UNIS), course September 2003. Course on Arctic benthic ecology, including taxonomy and systematics.
  • Lecturer and course leader for University Courses on Svalbard (UNIS), course September 2001. Course entitled “Systematics meets Ecology”. Course of 6 lectures and 14 days practical fieldwork and supervision of student projects. RECENT PARTICIPATION IN INTERNATIONAL

Participation in Projects:

  • 2009-present. Leader of Task Group TG1: EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD). Member of MSFD Management Group.
  • 2007- present: Project leader: Arctic Seas Biodiversity (ASBD) project commissioned by Eni Norge. Financial framework approx 1.3 mill Euro (over 3 years)
  • 2007-2009. Norwegian-Russian NFR-funded programme on benthic fauna (NOK 1 mill)
  • 2003-2006: Project and cruise leader for Russian-Norwegian co-operation research project in the Barents Sea (NFR BASICC programme; ice-edge productivity and energy flow to benthic fauna);
  • 2002- present. Steering group member of EU Network of Excellence “MARBEF” (responsible for SME integration);
  • 2002-present. Convenor of working group CEN230/SC5/TG7 “Marine Environmental Methods” in the European Standards organization CEN;
  • Ongoing - Member of steering group and contributer to various Norwegian national programmes for biodiversity monitoring, water body characterisation, introduced organisms and bio-indicators;
  • Project leader for environmental guidance strategies for the Barents Sea and deep water; SFT and various oil companies (including Eni/ Norsk Agip, Statoil, Hydro);


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  • Ambrose, W.G. Jr., P.E. Renaud, S. Cochrane, S. Denisenko, J. Skarðhamar 2009. Polychaete diversity patterns on two Arctic shelves: impacts of ice and productivity. Zoosymposia 2: 457–485
  • Cochrane, S.K.J., Denisenko, S.D., Renaud, P.E., Emblow, C.S., Ambrose, W.Jr., Ellingsen, I., Skarðhama,r J. 2009. Benthic fauna and productivity regimes in the Barents Sea - ecological implications in a changing Arctic. Journal of Sea Research 61(4):222-233.
  • Bakken, T., Oug, E., Cochrane, SKJ, Kongsrud, J. 2009. Polychaetes of Jan Mayen. Zoologiske Tidsskrifter. NTNU. Trondheim.
  • Renaud, P.E., M. Wlodarska-Kowalczuk, H. Trannum, B. Holte, J.M. Węsławski, S. Cochrane, S. Dahle, B. Gulliksen. (2007). Multidecadal stability of benthic community structure in a high-Arctic glacial fjord (van Mijenfjord, Spitsbergen). Polar Biology 30: 295-305. doi:10.1007/s00300-006-0183-9.

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