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Angel Borja

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Summary of CV:

Angel Borja: Born 1959, PhD in Biology 1984. Head Department of Oceanography AZTI (1990-1999), Head Marine Environment Section AZTI (1999-2004), Senior Researcher Marine Research Division AZTI. Working in integrative assessment of marine waters, benthic habitats, implementation of European Directives & marine ecology. >100 SCI papers and books published, >100 research projects (international: TRIMODENA, UVAC, INDECO, ECASA, WISER, MESMA,…). Editor: Revista de Investigación Marina & Open Marine Biology Journal; Editorial Boards: Continental Shelf Research, Marine Pollution Bulletin & Ecological Indicators. Research supervision: 5 MSc students, 3 finished PhD, currently 6 PhD students. International working groups (ICES, UNESCO, WFD, MSFD,…). Jury: 17 PhD. Referee: 46 journals. Organiser: 8 marine summer schools; 9 international sessions-conferences.

Experience Higher education:

Assistant Professor of Biology (University of the Basque Country), 1984-1985

  • Specialized course on “Biotic Indices and integrated marine management” (Post-Graduate course in Marine Science and Limnology, Autonomous National University of Mexico), May 2010.
  • Master en Ingeniería y Gestión Portuaria (Polytechnic University of Catalonia), 2010-current.
  • Master en Biodiversidad, Paisajes y Gestión Sostenible (University of Navarra), 2009-current.
  • Master en Biodiversidad, Funcionamiento y Gestión de Ecosistemas (University of the Basque Country), 2008- current.
  • Master on Pollution and Environmental Toxicology (University of the Basque Country), 2007- current.
  • European Master of Science in Marine Environment and Resources (University of the Basque Country), 2007- current.
  • International Master in Coastal and Estuarine Zones Management (Polytechnic University of Catalonia), 2005-Present.
  • PhD Course on Resources Management (University of the Basque Country), 2005-2006.
  • PhD Course on Medio ambiente marino: investigación, gestión y conservación (University of the Basque Country), 2003-2006.

Participation in Projects:

  • WISER—Water bodies in Europe: Integrative Systems to assess Ecological status and Recovery”. Project number: 226273. Seventh Framework Programme. 2009-2011. Coordinator of the whole marine part and WP of Marine Benthos.
  • MESMA- Monitoring and Evaluation of Spatially Managed Areas, Project number: 226661. Seventh Framework Programme. 2009-2011.
  • ECASA: Ecosystem Approach for Sustainable Aquaculture, Contract no.: 006540, Sixth Framework Programme, 2004-2007.
  • INDECO: Development of Indicators of Environmental Performance of the Common Fisheries Policy, Contract no: 513754, Sixth Framework Programme, 2004-2006.
  • UVAC: The influence of UVR and climate conditions on fish stocks: a case study of the Northeast Arctic cod, 5th Framework EVK3-CT-1999-00012, 2000-2003.
  • Exploitation of the red algae resource Gelidium sesquipedale. Study of cast off algae. European Commission, Interreg IIC, EA-D2E-nº 4.15, 2000-2001, Coordinator of the project.
  • TRIMODENA-Parallelization of a Q-3D FEM model of fluid dynamics for its use in the environmental industry. EEC Contract (Programme PACOS-ESPRIT). 1995-1996. Coordinator of the project.
  • SEFOS- Shelf edge fisheries and oceanography studies. EEC Contract AIR2-CT93-1105 (DG XIV SSMA). 1993-1996.


  • Borja, A., M. Collins, 2004. Oceanography and Marine Environment of the Basque Country, Elsevier Oceanography Series, nº 70, Elsevier, Amsterdam, 616 pp.
  • Borja, A., 2005. The European Water Framework Directive: a challenge for nearshore, coastal and continental shelf research. Continental Shelf Research, 25(14): 1768-1783.
  • Borja, A., A.B. Josefson, A. Miles, I. Muxika, F. Olsgard, G. Phillips, J.G. Rodríguez, B. Rygg, 2007. An approach to the intercalibration of benthic ecological status assessment in the North Atlantic ecoregion, according to the European Water Framework Directive. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 55: 42-52.
  • Borja, A., S.B. Bricker, D.M. Dauer, N.T. Demetriades, J.G. Ferreira, A.T. Forbes, P. Hutchings, X. Jia, R. Kenchington, J.C. Marques, C. Zhu, 2008. Overview of integrative tools and methods in assessing ecological integrity in estuarine and coastal systems worldwide. Marine Pollution Bulletin. 56: 1519-1537.
  • Borja, A., I. Muxika, J.G. Rodríguez, 2009. Paradigmatic responses of marine benthic communities to different anthropogenic pressures, using M-AMBI, within the European Water Framework Directive. Marine Ecology, 30: 214-227.

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