Doctoral Programme on Marine Ecosystem Health and Conservation
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Michael W Beck

Personal details

Institute:The Nature Conservancy

Summary of CV:

Mike Beck is a Senior Scientist with the Global Marine Team of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and a research associate at the University of California Santa Cruz. As Senior Scientist he directly oversees the science work of 15 staff (Annual budget - $US3.5 Million). This team is connected to a staff of >100 TNC marine staff in 20+ countries. He works in the interface between marine science and policy. His present work includes research on (i) marine spatial planning (ii) the nursery role of nearshore habitats, and (iii) the conservation and restoration of shellfish reefs and beds. He has 28 publications in peer reviewed journals. He serves as the direct University advisor to only a handful of students. He has financially supported and advised > 25 MSC, PhD and postdoctoral students on TNC projects.

Experience Higher education:

  • 2005- Adjunct Assistant Professor. Ocean Sciences, Univ. of California at Santa Cruz
  • 2000- Research Associate. Institute of Marine Sciences, Univ. of California at Santa Cruz
  • 1998-2000 Adjunct Assistant Professor. Dept. of Biology, San Francisco State University

Participation in Projects:

My small team works directly on major projects in 9 different countries currently and advises on projects of staff in another 11 countries.
“ECO GOVERNANCE –Ecological foundations for the governance of the Adriatic coastal space: ecology, monitoring and management of transitional aquatic ecosystems” (EU INTEREG/CARDS-PHARE, 2007-2008)


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