Doctoral Programme on Marine Ecosystem Health and Conservation
 MARES Training Catalogue 2012

Olivier De Clerck

Personal details

Institute:Ghent University
Phone:+32 9 2648500
Website:Click here

Summary of CV:

Olivier De Clerck(° 1971), assistant professor at Ghent University (Belgium), specializes in evolutionary aspects of diversification of marine macroalgae. He applies a phylogenetic perspective to a variety of questions in evolution and biogeography, using marine algae as model systems. Topics range from questions which focus on diversification of specific groups of algae over broad spans of time [macroevolution] to species level studies which aim to elucidate the fine-scale details of sexual reproduction and its impact on speciation [microevolution]. He teaches several courses related to his specialism (e.g. Phycology & Protistology, Evolution and Biogeography of Marine Organisms, Phylogeny) in the Bachelor/Master Biology, Master in Aquaculture and in the ERASMUS MUNDUS Master of Marine Biodiversity and Conservation (EMBC). He is promoter of 5 ongoing Ph.Ds (excl. 1 defended since his appointment 3 years ago). In total he has authored 76 refereed publications and 3 books in floristics, taxonomy, diversification and biogeography of benthic marine algae.

Experience Higher education:

Post-doc experience in Ghent University since 2000, with a lot of teaching and research training experience. Apart from teaching responsabilities at Ghent University, he is also engaged in teaching master students at the Free University of Brussels (Ecomama) and in the annual Erasmus summer course “Diversity of Marine Algae” in the Station Biologique Roscoff. In addition he serves as external adviser n the PhD studies of 2 students from the Musé d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris.

Participation in Projects:

  • 2010. Disentangling the taxonomic and phylogenetic diversity in the brown alga Dictyota in relation to patterns of geographic population genetic structuring and hybridization [FWO – Flanders // collaboration with E. Serrao, Univ. Algarve]
Teacher in the Erasmus Summer Course “Diversity of marine macroalgae” in the Station Biologique Roscoff (2008 - …).


  • Cocquyt E., Verbruggen H., Leliaert F. & De Clerck O. (2010) Evolution and cytological diversification of the green seaweeds (Ulvophyceae). Molecular Biology and Evolution: doi:10.1093/molbev/msq091 (IF2008 = 7.28)
  • Verbruggen H., Maggs C.A., Saunders G.W., Le Gall L., Yoon H.S. & De Clerck O. (2010) Data mining approach identifies research priorities and data requirements for resolving the red algal tree of life. BMC Evolutionary Biology 10: 16 (IF2008 = 4.05).
  • Leliaert F., Verbruggen H., Wysor B. & De Clerck O. (2009) DNA taxonomy in morphologically plastic taxa: algorithmic species delimitation in theBoodlea complex (Chlorophyta: Siphonocladales). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 53: 122-133 (IF2008 = 3.871)
  • Verbruggen H., Tyberghein L., Pauly K., Van Nieuwenhuyse K., Vlaeminck C., Kooistra W.H.C.F., Leliaert F. & De Clerck O. (2009) Macroecology meets macroevolution: Evolutionary niche dynamics in the seaweed Halimeda. Global Ecology and Biogeography 18: 393-405 (IF2008 = 5.304)
  • Cocquyt E., Verbruggen H., Leliaert F., Zechman F.W., Sabbe K. & De Clerck O. (2009) Gain and loss of elongation factor genes in green algae. BMC Evolutionary Biology 9: 39 (IF2008 = 4.05)

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