Doctoral Programme on Marine Ecosystem Health and Conservation
 MARES Organisational Structure

The MARES internal organisational structure can be subdivided in 3 different components: 

MARES – Coordination Office:

The MARES Secretariat takes care of the daily management of the programme and communication with all stakeholders. The Secretariat is hosted at the coordinating institution of the programme: Ghent University
The MARES Secretariat can be contacted at is composed of:

  • Veerle Rogge
  • Prof. dr. Marleen De Troch

MARES - Management Board:

The MARES Management Board consists of one representative of each of the full partner institutions, one to two elected doctoral candidate representative(s) and one invited associate member representative. The MARES coordinator is the chairperson of the board. Meetings are organized once a year. The task of the MARES Management Board is the evaluation of the daily working of the MARES programme (overview of mobility of the candidates, budget, …), approval of the doctoral subjects as selected by the MARES Scientific Board, approval of the selection list of Erasmus Mundus doctoral candidates for scholarships, follow up on the progress of the candidates, etc. 
The Management Board is composed of :

  • Marleen De Troch (Chair Leader & MARES Coordinator, UGent)
  • Adelino Canario (University of Algarve)
  • Holger Auel (Universitat Bremen)
  • Ian O'Connor (GMIT)
  • Jaap van der Meer (NIOZ)
  • Jan Mees (VLIZ)
  • Jean-Marc Guarini (UPMC)
  • Laura Airoldi (University of Bologna)
  • Murray T Brown (University of Plymouth)
  • Rafal Lasota (University Gdansk)
  • Sergej Olenin (Klaipeda University)
  • Anna Occhipinti (Pavia University)
  • Henrique Queiroga (University of Aveiro)
  • 1 to 2 elected doctoral candidate representative(s) (elected by the candidates on a yearly basis)
  • 1 invited associate member representative

MARES - Scientific Board:

The MARES Scientific Board consists of 8 representatives of the full MARES network and meets once a year in the same timeframe as the Management Board. This board is chaired by one of the 8 representatives (different from the Management board chair). This board will steer the scientific issues of MARES: selection of PhD proposals, selection of the candidates, selection of MARES trainings, evaluation of Doctoral Research Proposals and Annual Progress Reports, etc. 
The Scientific Board is composed of:

  • Laura Airoldi     (Chair Leader, Bologna)
  • Karim Erzini      (Algarve)
  • Maciej Wolowicz    (Gdansk)
  • Jean-Marc Guarini    (UPMC)
  • Marina Ribeiro da Cunha    (Aveiro)
  • Chiara Lombardi    (ENEA)
  • Miguel Santos    (CIIMAR)
  • Tom Moens   (UGent)


The MARES Management Board & Scientific Board meet once a year early February during the MARES Annual Meeting.


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