Doctoral Programme on Marine Ecosystem Health and Conservation
 Financial Details
An Erasmus Mundus grant can be broken down into several components:
Employment Budget

An Erasmus Mundus PhD fellowship is a grant that is funded for 3 years (exactly 36 months). With this grant PhD candidates are offered an employment contract. 2.800€ is available for employment purposes (33.600€ per year or 100.800€ for the full 3 years). Different national regulations (taxes, social security, salary calculations, etc ... ) in different countries result in a different net salary. Depending on the institution and country where the candidate is employed, the monthly net salary ranges from 1.400€ to 2.000€. 

In the exceptional case when offering an employment contract proves impossible (due to for example visa regulations; applicable to non-EU nationalities employed in the UK), a stipend will be offered instead of an employment contract. The amount of the stipend will be exactly 1400€. 

Bench Fee

Next to the employment budget an Erasmus Mundus PhD grant also foresees in a bench fee budget of 600€ per month (7.200€ per year or 21.600€ for the full 3 years). This budget is usually under the direct control of the main supervisor and can be transferred to the host instutition during mobility periods. From this particular budget the following costs can be paid:
  • Yearly contribution to the MARES fund of 240€
  • Costs related to research activities
  • Costs of training course participation
  • Participation costs of conferences
  • Enrollment costs at universities
  • Participation to the obligatory MARES annual meetings
  • Travel costs between host institutions (partner 1 - partner 2) are normally not paid from this budget. The doctoral guidance committee however can decide on a case by case basis.

Travel Fee / Installation Costs Budget

This particular budget is only available to Erasmus Mundus funded Category A candidates. 7.500€ is available to cover costs related to travel and installation. This budget is transferred directly to the candidate in different installments:
  • 3.000€ at the start of the first year 
  • 1.500€ at the start of the second year
  • 1.500€ at the start of the third year
  • 1.500€ upon successful completion of your MARES Joint Doctorate (graduation). 

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