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Department:Polar Environmental Centre
Partner number:17
Address:Polar Environmental Centre; Hjalmar Johansensgt. 24; Tromso, Norway


Legal representative / director: Sabine Cochrane
Contact person: Dr.  Cochrane  Sabine
Contact email: ;

Summary and roles

Short Description:Akvaplan-niva is a private, limited company. It consists of 5 departments (Aquaculture consultancy, Aquaculture research, Marine environmental monitoring and consultancy, Coastal and freshwater environmental monitoring and consultancy, Environmental research). It provides consultancy, research and laboratory services to companies, authorities, NGO's and other customer worldwide. Services include environmental monitoring surveys, impact and risk assessments, arctic environmental research, aquaculture design and management consultancy, R&D on new aquaculture species, and a number of accredited environmental and technical inspections. The Marine Environmental department main activities are environmental impact and risk assessments, marine monitoring programmes and a number of different assignments for environmental authorities and the international oil and gas industry. The activities includes both consultancy and research projects.

Within Akvaplan-niva, the Polar Environmental Centre and the ARCTOS research network, there are numerous international research initiatives ongoing, and under development. These all have excellent opportunities for incorporating PhD students. Candidates will have the opportunity to work on topics and gain expertise on for example research on climate-driven impacts on marine biodiversity in the Arctic, ecosystem impacts of the invasive giant red king crab on the functioning of coastal ecosystems. Also candidates will be able to use current techniques developed at Aquaplan-Niva, such as MIA, a modelling system for modelling realistic scenarios on the ecosystem impacts of human pressures including petroleum exploitation, aquaculture and fisheries.



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