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General details

Department:Northern Fisheries Centre
Partner number:23
Address:PO Box 5396, Cairns, Queensland, 4870, Australia


Legal representative / director: Neil A Gribble
Contact person: Dr.  Ovenden  Jennifer
Contact email:

Summary and roles

Short Description:The Northern Fisheries Centre (NFC), was established in Cairns in 1976. It was relocated to a new site on Smith's Creek, Cairns, in 1979. In 2002 the centre was refurbished and a new multi-million dollar Aquaculture and Stock Enhancement Facility was constructed across the street.

Research at the centre is focused on two main areas:
  1. Sustainable production of wild fisheries found in tropical estuarine, inshore and offshore reef waters.
  2. Tropical mariculture of high-value species such as coral reef fish and tropical rock lobsters.
The NFC mainly wants to join this programme by setting up bilateral research projects with European partners. The centre offers excellent possibilities for doing research on effects of for example fisheries on protected habitats (such as reefs). Collaboration with the NFC may also open option for comparing effects of certain human impacts in European waters with these of Australian waters. Dr. Neil Gribble is also attached to James Cook University in Queensland and can as such also play a role in setting up collaborations between James Cook University and European Universities.



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