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Partner number:15
Address:Haven 1025, Scheldedijk 30; B-2070 Zwijndrecht; Belgium


Legal representative / director: Martin Ockier
Contact person: Mr.  Vanneste  Geert
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Summary and roles

Short Description:As a Belgian dredging and hydraulic engineering group, D.E.M.E. has won a prominent position on the world market in a highly specialized and complex discipline. The company fosters a strong innovative approach and has indeed been a trend-setter and a pioneer in technical innovation throughout its history. The Group can look back on nearly 150 years of experience in its core dredging and land reclamation activities and hydraulic engineering. At present DEME has a permanent workforce of 3,500 persons. DEME wants to play a vital role in sustainable development in an inspiring, respectful way. Dedicated techniques have been developed to dredge in an environmentally friendly way, treat and clean contaminated sludge and polluted soil, construct landfills. DEME Group is working on the five continents, operating through a network of branch offices, subsidiaries and agencies from Mexico and Nigeria to Australia, from Caracas over Rome To Shangai.

This company will mainly contribute to the MARES doctoral programme in the field on habitat loss, urban development and coastal infrastructures. DEME has a lot of practical expertise in this domain and is for many projects also confronted with scientific environment-related questions which need further investigation. DEME shall as such propose PhD topics to MARES. DEME opens also the possibility for welcoming PhD candidates for placement in case the PhD topic fits to the core activities of the company. If needed DEME is willing to contribute to dedicated trainings on for example entrepeneurship or important issues in the field of for example dredging. DEME has already experience in these dedicated trainings in Belgian Universities. -



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