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Partner number:22
Address:7 Beechwood Terrace West, Newport on Tay, Fife DD6 8JH
Country:United Kingdom


Legal representative / director:
Contact person: Dr.  Gordon  Jonathan
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Summary and roles

Short Description:Ecologic is a Scottish-based consultancy that specialises in addressing marine mammal management and conservation issues. In particular we are interested in understanding the issues relating to the effect of anthropogenic noise on marine mammals and in developing and implementing appropriate measures for mitigation. Ecologic has considerable in-house expertise, can call upon the services of associates and often works in collaboration with partner consultancies with complimentary experience. Ecologic holds a stock of field equipment. In addition to assembling and selling customised passive acoustic monitoring systems we provide acoustic monitoring and mitigation services for clients worldwide. Our aims are to promote conservation and protection of the marine environment by increasing knowledge of the impact of threats such as anthropogenic underwater noise on marine wildlife through applied research, to contribute to a better public understanding of the issues involved .

Ecologic will be an ideal partner for conducting research on the topic 'Ocean noise pollution', one of the key research fields covered by the project. Ecologic has throughout the years build up a wide expertise in this issue. Candidates doing a PhD in this topic will be able to do internships in the company or collaborate in research carried out in Ecologic itself. 



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