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Department:Marine Biodiversity Research Group; Department of Life & Physical Sciences
Partner number:4
Address:Dublin Rd; Galway; Ireland
Erasmus Charter Number:28484


Legal representative / director: Marion Coy
Contact person: Dr.  O'Connor  Ian
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Summary and roles

Short Description:The marine research group in GMIT has 6 academic staff, 4 post doctoral principal investigators, 2 postdoctoral scientists & 25 postgraduate students. There are 2 research themes: Research to support the sustainable management of commercial fisheries. This covers early life history & recruitment processes; population dynamics, uncertainties in reproductive potential & stock structure; elucidation of long-term trends & ecosystem interactions in fisheries & environmental datasets.
The 2nd theme: Research to support the conservation of marine biodiversity, covers: cetacean/fishing gear interactions & the influence of deterrents; assessment, monitoring & policy advice for marine megafauna conservation; innovative technologies for monitoring marine megafauna; rapid assessment techniques for biodiversity assessment.
Collaborations include: ICES, International Whaling Commission, Tethys Institute, Greenland Institute of Natural Resources & a range of Universities, SMEs and NGOs in Europe.

Through development of research projects in fisheries & underwater noise, provision of specialist training & facilitating acquisition of transferable skills through interaction with SMEs & NGOs, GMIT will make a significant contribution to the Doctoral School. Specialist skills courses will include Geographic Information Systems for marine environmental monitoring & Biostatistics and Fisheres Stock Assessment. GMIT is in Galway City which is the centre of marine research in Ireland. Doctoral candidates working here as either the host or associate institution will benefit from being part of a multidisciplinary research group with extensive field and laboratory equipment as well access to expertise and facilities at the nearby Irish Marine Institute. Approximately 50% of the postgraduates in GMIT are not Irish with PhD students from Italy, Spain, Germany, France, UK & Belgium, accordingly GMIT has diverse student body & academics with experience of supervising international students.



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