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Department:Department "Earth and Environmental Sciences"
Partner number:12
Address:Department " Earth and Environmental Sciences ", Via S.Epifanio 14, 27100 Pavia (Italy)
Erasmus Charter Number:29255


Legal representative / director: Fabio Rugge
Contact person: Prof.  Occhipinti  Anna
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The Section of Ecology of the "Department of “Earth and Environmental Sciences" of the University of Pavia is composed by 1 Full professor, 2 researchers; 1 technician; 5 post doc fellows and 4 PhD students. Major research interests are Marine Ecology, Benthic Ecology, Taxonomy of marine invertebrates, Biological invasions in marine and freshwater environment. The organization collaborates with international and national research institutions dealing with biodiversity and conservation of marine systems such as: CIESM (; ICES (; IUCN (; UNEP-MAP (; RAC/SPA (; ENEA-CRAM(; AZTI (; Israel Oceanographic & Limnological Research(; VIMS ( Since 2009 the organization is leading the people’s science education project For-Mare (

University of Pavia's contribution to MARES will focus in developing within the doctoral school consortium two major research topics concerning human impacts on the marine environment, "Biological Invasions" and "Future Oceans-Warming up" . Three specific training courses are developed on these topics: 1) Scientific diving and visual census techniques - Location: Linosa Island, Sicily Channel; Cinque Terre, Ligurian Sea (Italy); 2) Effect of seawater warming and acidification on bioconstructors - Location: Laboratory of Benthic Ecology, La Spezia; 3) Application of Fuzzy Logic to marine ecological research - Location: DET, Pavia. -



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