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General details

Department:Associacao Dos Armadores Das Pescas Industriais
Partner number:20
Address:Rua General Gomes de Araújo, Edifício Vasco da Gama, Bloco C - 1º - 1399-055 Lisbon


Legal representative / director: Antonio Miguel Cunha
Contact person: Mr.  Portugal da Cunha  Antonio Miguel
Contact email:

Summary and roles

Short Description:ADAPI (Associação dos arrmadores das pescas industriais), founded in 1975, is an association of industrial fishing companies, most of which own trawlers operating off the Portuguese coast and in other EEZs outside the EU. Contributing towards more sustainable fishing practices is a major goal of ADAPI. Over the years ADAPI associates have developed partnerships with research institutes and universities to study several aspects of the impact of fishing and the performance of fishing gears, in particular by catch-reduction.
ADAPI associates have regular collaboration with the University of Algarve, providing information, samples and allowing on board data collection associated with research projects coordinated by University researchers.

ADAPI will play a role mainly on the research line on fisheries. ADAPI had already several collaborations with the University of Algarve. ADAPI wants to further open this collaboration to the MARES initiative by providing information, samples and allowing on board data collection.-



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