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Department:Sciences De l’Univers, Environnement, Ecology
Partner number:11
Address:Place Jussieu 4; 75252 Paris Cedex; France
Erasmus Charter Number:27949


Legal representative / director: Jean Chambaz
Contact person: Prof. Dr.  Guarini  Jean-Marc
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Short Description:The University Pierre et Marie Curie is one of the major University of Sciences in France. It includes 120research structures and 3400 PhD. The University of Paris was founded in 1109. In 1880s, the University founded 2 Marine Stations, in Roscoff and Banyuls sur Mer, and a 3rd one joined a little bit later, in Villefranche sur Mer. These 3 Marine Stations are encompassed in the Center of Marine Sciences, which includes also three major Laboratories on the main Campus in Paris, one in Physical Oceanography and two in the domain of Marine Biology. More than 1000 persons work in the Domain of Marine Sciences at the UPMC. All laboratories are affiliated with the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique), and two of them are affiliated with the IRD (Institute for Research and Development), providing access to highly sensitive ecosystems in tropical and equatorial regions. The Alliance for the Environment links the University to the IFREMER Institute in a strong partnership.

The Center for Marine Sciences at the University Pierre et Marie Curie covers almost all field of Marine Sciences, from physical oceanography to evolutionary biology, and from global to molecular sciences. Our large expertise can be exploited in order to link ecosystem quality and health to the conservation of biodiversity in an evolutionary context. This combines any functional and evolutionary aspects of marine ecology. The three marine stations are devoted to their local environment and many different types of ecosystems are accessible, macro- and micro-tidal, coastal, pelagic and deep ecosystems, and many organisms can be collected and studied experimentally, from small to large organisms. Many long time series and historical data are available in the marine stations, helping to rebuilt recent changes in the marine environment and biodiversity. Many courses are available through the Institute of Doctoral Schools in which this program will be attached.



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  • Davoult Dominique
  • Guarini Jennifer
  • Guarini Jean-Marc
  • Guizien Katell
  • Koubbi Philippe
  • Lemée Rodolphe
  • Mousseau Laure
  • Six Christophe
  • Thiebaut Eric
  • Viard Frédérique


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