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University of Aveiro

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Department:Departamento de Biologia
Partner number:13
Address:Campus Universitario de Santiago; 3810-193 Aveiro; Portugal
Erasmus Charter Number:29154


Legal representative / director: Manuel António Assunção
Contact person: Prof. Dr.  Queiroga  Henrique
Contact email:

Summary and roles

Short Description:The University of Aveiro is one of Portugal's 14 public universities. Founded in 1973, has grown into a successful, dynamic institution. Integrated in the community and region, has a strong research dimension and offers a wide range of educational programmes, from post-secondary vocational to doctoral programmes. Committed to quality and innovation on Education, Research and Cooperation with Society, UA has built a profile based on sciences and technology. Major partners of UA include Siemens and the Carnegie Mellon University.
The UA offers 1stand 2nd cycle degrees in the area of marine research, as well as a doctoral programme on Environmental and Marine Sciences in collaboration with the Porto and Algarve Universities and the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia. The UA is a key member of the Maritime Cluster, a consortium of Portuguese universities, public institutes and private companies aiming at increasing knowledge building and linking science to socio-economic development.

The UA hosts the Associated Laboratory CESAM-Centre for Environmental and Marine Studies. With 150 professors, researchers and post-doc fellows in a variety of areas CESAM is one of the largest research centres in Portugal and able to provide the infrastructure, financial resources and expertise for interdisciplinary training-through-research.
The UA is willing to provide a training course in Physical Oceanography and Modelling, and to host students in the research lines on Recruitment, connectivity and population dynamics of fish and invertebrate species and on Deep-see ecology. These themes have a wide range of applications connected to the health of marine ecosystems, including climate change, inventory of biodiversity, forecasting of biodiversity change in relation to natural and man-made environmental change, MPA design, invasive species, stock management and ecosystem management. The UA is able to provide training in transversal skills,including Marine law and foreign languages.-



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  • Cunha Marina R
  • Dubert Jesus Manuel Pedreira
  • Queiroga Henrique


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