Doctoral Programme on Marine Ecosystem Health and Conservation
 Recommendation Letters Procedure
 Recommendation letter information

Each application should contain 2 recommendation letters. The following procedure is used to send these application letters to the MARES secretariat.
  • The applicant fills in the name and contact details of the person who will write the recommendation letter to the MARES secretariat. 
  • The applicant contacts the recommender and asks them to send a recommendation letter directly to
  • Recommendation letters should be written by academics (people with advanced academic background, currently or earlier active in academic research or teaching)
  • The recommender uses the MARES template (download here) and fills it in.
  • The letters need to be sent to the MARES Secretariat by email ( or by regular mail (address information) by the recommenders themselves, not the applicant
  • Recommenders may be contacted during the evaluation process for further information. 
  • All recommendation letters need to be received before the application deadline. 

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