Doctoral Programme on Marine Ecosystem Health and Conservation
As a MARES Erasmus Mundus grantholder you will be employed and as such will be insured through your employment contract. The modalities of this particular insurance will differ from institution to institution and country to country.  
If you however wish to take an additional insurance, we can offer you the following insurance polis. 

The cost for this insurance is entirely to be covered by the MARES candidate. The only exception to this are stipendholders. Stipendholders are obliged to take this insurance and as such the costs for this insurance can be covered by MARES (through the candidates' bench fee). 

The insurance polis - GBC 9164 - offered by "De Europese" can be downloaded below, together with some other documents, forms and additional information. 

The cost of this insurance is 384€/year or 32€/month (for the year 2011-2012).

Please notify the MARES Secretariat if you are a MARES candidate and wish to be insured through this particular insurance polis. 

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