Doctoral Programme on Marine Ecosystem Health and Conservation
 University of Plymouth - UoP
MARES contact person: Dr. Murray T. Brown (

The coordination of marine activities within the University of Plymouth is through the Marine Institute. Its aims are to undertake holistic research encompassing catchments, coasts and shelf seas, foster a thriving interdisciplinary research community and graduate school with world class capability and through knowledge transfer, enable sustainable stewardship of seas and coasts and their natural resources.  This multidisciplinary approach will help to offer innovative solutions to the difficult issues facing today's seas and coasts.  The University, in partnership with seven other leading marine science, education and technology institutes (The Plymouth Marine Sciences Partnership) from within Plymouth, has the skills to conduct world class marine research and training, to increase fundamental knowledge, advance technology and provide practical solutions to problems. It also actively engages in enhancing external and international links with stakeholders and other organisations.

The University of Plymouth’s contribution to MARES will focus on three major themes concerning human  impacts on the marine environment: a) Bio-resources, combining expertise in aquaculture and fisheries with ongoing research on the development of marine organisms, b) Environmental Change, examining the threats posed to marine organisms (fish, invertebrates, algae, seagrasses) from environmental impacts such as global climate change (temperatures, ocean acidification, UVR) and environmental and biological pollution, c) Biological Diversity, addressing fundamental questions about the biological mechanisms underpinning  marine resource utilisation that will inform those concerned with ecosystem management and implementing policy. The doctoral school will be able to draw upon the extensive suite of M-level subject-specific modules, research training and transferable skills modules and language (English, French, Spanish, German) training offered at UoP.

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