Doctoral Programme on Marine Ecosystem Health and Conservation
 Interdisciplinary Centre for Marine and Environmental Research - CIIMAR
MARES contact person: Prof. Dr. Eduardo Rocha (

CIIMAR is devoted to research, diffusion and technology transfer in Marine and Environmental Sciences. In 2002, CIIMAR and CCMAR (Algarve) joined in an Associate Laboratory: Centre of Marine and Environ. Research (CIMAR). This is a national centre of excellence, covering: Ocean and Coastal Dynamics; Ecology, Biodiversity and Manag. of Aquatic Ecosystems; Environ. Toxicology and Chemistry; Marine Biology and Biotechnology; Aquaculture. CIIMAR has > 100 PhD researchers, and publishes > 150 papers/year in ISI indexed journals. We are a renowned formation centre, hosting > 150 research grant holders, BSc, Masters and PhD students, and Post-Docs (various countries). CIIMAR supports MSc courses at Univ. Porto (MSc in Marine Sciences and Resources, MSc in Environ. Contamination and Toxicology). In 2007, in partnership Univ. Aveiro, we started a PhD Program in Environ. and Marine Sciences. CIIMAR participates in thematic networks (eg, MarBEF) and partner in infrastructures networks (eg, MARS).

Within the interests of the programme, the CIIMAR identified particular research topics:  1) Aquaculture, 2) Biological Invasions, 3) Development of sustainable environmental indicators, 4) Life in extreme environments (pressure, hypoxia, acidification). We can offer hosting for related thesis projects. Also, we can host students within the 4 key lines of the Centre (see above). We can also offer selected courses and researchers to help in external courses. On an annual basis we defined a portfolio of training courses. Some are to be integrated in the local PhD programme in Marine & Environmental Sciences, and can serve students from the MARES doctoral program. The allotted credits are typically 2.5 - 5 ECTS. The local PhD programme has also two laboratory training periods of 10 ECTS/each, running every scholar year, where students can have hand-on train and rotate in Labs of their choice. These training opportunities are suitable for students originating from the MARES doctoral progr.

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